¿Cuántos equipos de la Premier League puedes nombrar en 30 segundos? | Mac Allister contra Welbeck | MENTIRAS

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► ¡El dúo de Brighton, Alexis Mac Allister y Danny Welbeck, son los últimos en asumir el desafío Lies! ¿Quién crees que saldrá ganando? Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY DEPORTES F1: ►SKY DEPORTES: ►SKY DEPORTES GOLF:

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48 respuestas a ¿Cuántos equipos de la Premier League puedes nombrar en 30 segundos? | Mac Allister contra Welbeck | MENTIRAS

  1. JJ dijo:

    How did Danny get 2 for Water and Waves 😂😂😂

  2. K d dijo:

    Both of these guys seem like top guys!

  3. a fifa.fplplayer #subto9320pubcast+mancunian way dijo:

    "So stupid"😭💀

  4. a fifa.fplplayer #subto9320pubcast+mancunian way dijo:


  5. a fifa.fplplayer #subto9320pubcast+mancunian way dijo:


  6. 07gooner dijo:

    Alexis is comedy gold 😂

  7. Liam dijo:

    Impossible to dislike this kid haha

  8. SonRob dijo:

    Alexis thought of Brentford and Villas but not Newcastle or spurs 😂

  9. Brinkksmusic dijo:

    To how Tottenham Hotspur irrelevant the man couldn't remember they were a part of the Premier League 🤣😂🤣

  10. hartshapedvideo dijo:

    Ahh yes Brighton pier famous for it's fruit

  11. sam bog dijo:

    how can he just list foods, sea and waves for brighton pier lolss

  12. Book Club dijo:

    Bit cheeky to accept both water and waves as answers lol.

  13. HungryHussains dijo:

    How did he get the point for Waves & Water 😳

  14. senseii dijo:

    These 30 second rings make you clock how difficult it is to think on the spot I love it haha

  15. Craig Tyler dijo:

    Mac Allister was ready to die over the timer being 0.72 seconds over hahahaha

  16. Crypt0 dijo:

    2:57 Poor guy must have thought the question meant how many teams are in the Premier League then realised his mistake 😂

  17. sikhulile lubambo dijo:

    He got robbed in that 2nd phase. Waves x Water. In other videos similar things were rejected 😅

  18. Joshua Page dijo:

    best one yet

  19. Buluda Achoro dijo:

    Welbeck did it so well!🤣🤣🤣

  20. The lyrics Guy dijo:

    Alexis is funny too 😂😂

  21. SOCCERDESK dijo:

    How come in things found in bed room you did not mention bed welbeck come on

  22. Nishanta Talukdar dijo:

    The young talent in Argentina is insane
    They will still be one of the favourites of 2026 wc even if Messi retires

  23. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal dijo:

    The way Alex confidently shouted "20" 😂😂 Hilarious!

  24. Namuunaa dijo:

    Woow Mac Allister is so confident guy

  25. Skidz 96 dijo:

    Alexis to Liverpool. Here we go!!!

  26. Sebastian dijo:

    Alexis 🐐

  27. GizmoTheViking dijo:

    how doesn't wellbeck say Bed for things found in a bedroom 🤣

  28. RD Holyfield dijo:

    Welbz my guy I need you to score a brace against City for all Gooners sake.

  29. Louis dijo:

    Hope ale joins Liverpool

  30. Mylo Mohammad dijo:

    His laugh 😂😂💀

  31. Joe Butler dijo:

    Seems like the you've accidentally layered the 3 mics over each other for some of video

  32. therealrooney dijo:

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  33. heheheheheh dijo:

    alex come to liverpool pleaseeeee😁😁😁

  34. DEAD man dijo:

    danny what a lovely lad

  35. arai dijo:

    LOVE This man 🤗

  36. e' L dijo:

    McAllister is a Messi-esque type of Midfielder..Sees things other can't see, gives one-touch passes, silky dribbling and high game IQ..Just mention it Alexis and Pep will be there 😆

  37. jack ninetynine dijo:

    Try different categories not the same ones

  38. Favour Jubilee dijo:

    Welcome to Liverpool McAllister 🚀🚀Here we Go!

  39. Stian W. Danielsen dijo:


  40. The JourneyMan Guide dijo:

    Get in Brighton!!!

  41. GOATETA 🐐 dijo:

    Arsenal first?

  42. AS Rookie dijo:

    LFC awaits Alexis lad, Thiago will even help you with GK

  43. Charles Apana dijo:

    Welback is still very dangerous striker as for Allister he is only starting

  44. OfficialCamari dijo:

    Hm said arsenal first

  45. Colin Colin dijo:

    Alexis seems like a top guy 😂

  46. XXIVVIXCIII dijo:

    BIg Mac. Hopefully soon to join Klopp's rebuild. More trophies pending for you at Anfield mate🏆

  47. Liza dijo:

    The message of this video is very powerful💕

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