Carrera entre los 4 primeros de la Premier League: ¿quién se clasificará para la Champions League?

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29 respuestas a Carrera entre los 4 primeros de la Premier League: ¿quién se clasificará para la Champions League?

  1. Imagodroop dijo:

    As a Liverpool fan to even be in the race is crazy given how poor we've been this season. Just having a few players back like Jota and Diaz has made a massive difference. Also Konate being fit again has made the defence slightly more stable then it was.

  2. hakim hakim dijo:

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  3. Isaac Jacobs dijo:

    Who is this stumbling fella, he's clueless !

  4. christina harper dijo:

    the toon will beat leeds man utd will beat wolves then its all over bar the shouting

  5. Abdu Binyaameen dijo:

    Least goals conceded at home . If we don't get top 4 its cause of goals and away form

  6. realnesx dijo:

    I'd piss my self if Liverpool got 4th unlikely but to be where Liverpool are now they have the smallest chance

  7. vibhav Agarwal dijo:

    The only thing i learnt from this is Every game is so so important lol

  8. Carl Simmons dijo:

    MU need 72 points to ensure they finish above Liverpool if they win all remaining games, however with current GD NU only need 71 points. Really hope that it goes down to the final day.

  9. Waziri Boy dijo:

    Liverpool will play UEFA champions League next season

  10. TRS Juan dijo:

    well two weeks ago liverpool definitely wasn't, but now i mean the form is suggesting otherwise.

  11. marvin dijo:

    I think i speak for all Arsenal fans when i say please lets beat them this weekend and give them the motivation to beat city during their match 😅

  12. Andrew Hall dijo:

    We’ll drop out of the top 4. Liverpool will get top 4 and City will win the treble.
    Then the 4 horseman of the apocalypse will kick every Man Utd fan in the dick and it’ll all be over.

  13. Bobby Miran dijo:

    Liverpool get top third spot in three weeks time

  14. Jodash Pillay dijo:

    LFC fan here.
    1. Arsenal
    2. City
    3. Liverpool
    4. Man United
    5. Newcastle

    Newcastle will get only 1 point from their last 4.

  15. Abdul Aziz dijo:

    Eye contact is mad 😈

  16. D M 13 dijo:

    Newcastle and Man Utd to finish in the Top 4. It is in their hands and their fixtures are favorable + one game less. Liverpool FC left it too little too late; Brighton has tough games vs the current Top 3; Tottenham & Aston Villa likely out of contention.

  17. wes2k7 dijo:

    What qualifies this fool to say how he thinks the games are gonna end up

  18. Gary John Nuznyi dijo:

    Allez , Allez , Allez 👍😉

  19. illest28s dijo:

    Newcastle will miss out Chelsea will beat them

  20. Jeffrey Boggleton dijo:

    Liverpool will get Top 4, Newcastle or Man U could have serious fatigue as both of them face Chelsea which want to win those games to spoil the Top 4 party.

  21. Jonas Loïc dijo:



    Man if Liverpool finish 3rd 😂😂😂😂

  23. kelly dee dijo:

    I have said this before man utd and newcastle will lose either one or two games in their fixtures. Funny thing is they both play Chelsea and it could well be a cracker and surprise for both team. Chelsea would be looking to spoil the party. If liverpool can win their remaining 3 games i know they will achieve the top four but they have to win all 3 games to be at the optimal level to steal 3rd or fourth place!

  24. Juciy J Curtis dijo:

    Top 4 is for Liverpool, funny when I said this when pool was 8th people laughed ..even these pundits. Today they still think pool won't make when united bottles it

  25. Shane Murphy dijo:

    This is utter tripe!!the dude just looked at the table and said he reckons every1 will stay where they are 😂😂😂

  26. Oumuamua dijo:

    Brighton got robbed boycott sky there responsible for the corruption

  27. Pushpdant Sharma dijo:

    United can win 2 of their remaining games , all we need is 2 more draws and we good to go .

  28. Dane Byrd dijo:

    Brighton being robbed 3 points against Spurs is going to have a huge impact

  29. Robert Lawler dijo:

    This fella going to be eating his words both Utd teams are catchable they only need two lose one more game each and it’s game on

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