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37 respuestas a PREMIER LEAGUE ALL TIME DRAFT CHALLENGE Pies Lampard, Henry, Bale

  1. Byakugan dijo:

    This was my team using the 5th pick:

    Rui Patricio

    Kyle Walker
    Ricardo Carvalho
    Lucas Digne

    Cambiasso (was swapped out for KDB)
    Declan Rice

    Harry Kewell
    David Ginola


  2. Shane Naickar dijo:

    Henry the 2nd best French striker, benzema is better what a joke 😂😂😂

  3. Alfie Marston dijo:

    My team:
    Wolves – Rui Patricio
    Man City – Kyle Walker
    Liverpool – VVD
    Newcastle – Dan Burn
    Brighton (spun a wheel for bonus pick) – Cucurella
    West Ham – Declan Rice
    Manchester United – Roy Keane
    Arsenal – Alexis Sanchez
    Leicester- James Maddison
    Aston Villa – Phillipe Coutinho
    Chelsea – Gianfranco Zola
    (Any repeated picks were my players before someone stole them from a different club)

  4. Jacob Sherlock dijo:

    Dennis Bergkamp…speechless

  5. Jonathan J dijo:

    Am I missing something, where were Forrest and Brentford?

  6. Brandao dijo:

    No one picked stam man wtf

  7. Leevai23 dijo:

    Stopped watching after Arsenal, haha, talking about Mesut Ozil, please, DENNIS BERGKAMP NOT EVEN BEING MENTIONED.

  8. J and J Gaming dijo:


  9. StealnSoulz dijo:

    Not gonna lie, I’m American and didn’t understand a lot of what was said in this video lol

  10. Lucas Coelho dijo:

    Here was my team playing along just off the top of my head:

    – Leeds (GK): Meslier
    – Spurs (RB): Kyle Walker

    – Wolves (CB): Conor Coady -> Man City: Vincent Kompany

    – West Ham (CB): Mascherano
    – Liverpool (LB): Robertson
    – Leicester (CM): Cambiasso

    – Arsenal (CM): Patrick Vieira

    – Chelsea (CM): De Bruyne

    – Man United (RW): Di Maria

    – Newcastle (ST): Shearer
    – Aston Villa(LW): Pires

  11. Eduardo Hernandez dijo:

    Surprised no Robben, Casemiro, or Diego Costa

  12. harvey cox dijo:

    faisal has 0 ball knowledge outside of top 6

  13. 1142_ ßžř dijo:

    Gk Rui Patricio (Wolves)
    Rb Kyle Walker (Spurs)
    Cb Mashcerano ( West Ham)
    Cb Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd)
    Lb Andy Robertson (Liverpool)
    Cm Claude Makelele (Chelsea)
    Cm James Milner ( Aston Villa )
    Cm Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)
    Att Robbie Fowler ( Leeds)
    Att Jamie Vardy (Leicester)
    Att Hatem Ben Arfa (Newcastle

  14. RB sticky micky dijo:

    How you miss gullit at Chelsea

  15. User#5689 dijo:

    Ngl i can’t stand faysal he tries way too hard all the time and actually made this episode worse tryna create individual moments for himself bun that man off for a bit

  16. Ajeet Singh dijo:

    18:22 classic SDS moment.
    1:00:27 – best defence of a pick I've seen in a long while.
    1:10:42 – fruity guy Ilyas

  17. noah garcia dijo:

    No one saying coutinho for Aston villa is wild

  18. O Newbery dijo:

    They had a stinker with Leeds.
    Garry Kelly.
    Danny Mills.
    Jonathon Woodgate
    Lucas Radebe
    Ian Harte

  19. Lionel Sheja dijo:

    Varane is NOTTT the best Center Back from France. He's had plenty of success, but he's not.

  20. John M dijo:

    This is trash

  21. taxii2011 dijo:

    These don’t know ball at all bring back sugar sean

  22. Alhagie Musa Conteh dijo:

    i had:


    Walker Van Dijk Cresswell

    KDB Wjianldum


    Van Persie Dwight Yorke Cantona

    VVD got stolen by FFF tho

  23. Quin 1234567 dijo:

    Whose laugh is that 1:05:39

  24. Jay Pitchford dijo:

    Yoo ilyas had a stricter free got Chelsea and didn’t put eto 😮

  25. noah dijo:

    my team as all 5th choice (smokes all of yours btw):

    GK – Shay Given (Newcastle)
    RB – Kyle Walker (Spurs)
    CB – Sol Campbell (Arsenal)
    CB – Nemanja Vidic (Man United)
    LB – Alan Wright (Villa)
    CM – Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) (Switched him in for Robbie Savage from Leicester)
    CM – Claude Makelele (Chelsea)
    CM – Gary Speed (Leeds)
    LW – John Barnes (Liverpool)
    ST – Steve Bull (Wolves)
    RW – Paulo Di Canio (West Ham)

  26. Jay Pitchford dijo:

    The fact sharky new Carlos tevez for West Ham but picked Rio when he needed a striker is the stupidest pick I’ve ever seen

  27. Zaydan Uddin dijo:

    GK: Jack Butland (Leeds United)
    RB: Kyle Walker (Spurs)
    CB: Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool)
    CB: Nemanja Vidic (United)
    LB: Patrice Evra (West Ham)
    CDM: Claude Makelele (Chelsea)
    CM: Yaya Toure (Man City)
    CM: James Maddison (Leicester)
    RW: Nobby Solano (Newcastle)
    ST: Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)
    LW: Robert Pires (Aston Villa)

    Had a Wolves midfielder but the first team to come out at the end was the team I chose to swap him with and so I chose Yaya. Decent team.

  28. FastBryanX dijo:

    Bro the UNKNOWN person blue shirt and Ajax jersey dude are annoying. Don’t want to see them in other videos bro.

  29. Kalebe Setiloane dijo:

    lucas radebe was a CB for leeds and club captain too at some point

  30. Harry Wilde dijo:

    Easy W
    Gk: Patricio (Wolves)
    Rb: Walker (Spurs)
    Cb: VVD (Liverpool)
    Cb: Campbell (Arsenal)
    Lb: Evra (West Ham)
    Cm: Cambiasso (Leicester)
    Cm: Roy Keane (United)
    Cam: Cantona (Leeds)
    Lw: Pires (Villa)
    Rw: Robeen (Chelsea)
    St: Shearer (Newcastle)

  31. Ammar dijo:


  32. DukeNation dijo:

    He was thinking about rio that played with Frank at west ham youth

  33. Freddie dijo:

    GK van der Sar Man United

    RB Semedo Wolves

    CB Schar Newcastle

    CB Desailly Chelsea

    LB Patrice Evra West ham

    CDM Fernandinho Man City traded for Kalvin Phillips Leeds

    CM James Maddison Leicester

    CAM Dennis Bergkamp Arsenal

    RW Ian Rush Liverpool

    LW Pires Aston Villa

    ST Teddy Sheringham Tottenham

  34. Tropical Hamz v2 dijo:

    For Aston Villa they forgot coutinho 😭😭😭😭

  35. Jakob Sabatula dijo:

    Coutinho for Villa

  36. Caleb Orr dijo:

    Faysal worst part of the show every time

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