Clasificación de CADA jugador de la temporada de la Premier League de peor a mejor

Desde la estrella del Leicester City, Jamie Vardy, hasta la leyenda del Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, HITC Sevens intenta clasificar a todos los ganadores del premio al Jugador de la Temporada de la Premier League de peor a mejor, en función de su habilidad y de toda su carrera como jugador. Mis redes sociales de HITC Sevens: Twitter – @HITCSevens Instagram – @HITCSevens Facebook – Otras redes sociales de fútbol / fútbol / Premier League de HITC (no dirigidas por mí): Facebook –

Camisetas Atletico Madrid Última hora del FC Barcelona. Actualidad, fichajes, calendario, entradas, resultados, clasificaciones, resúmenes, LaLiga, la Copa, la Champions League.

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21 respuestas a Clasificación de CADA jugador de la temporada de la Premier League de peor a mejor

  1. SDm Twentyfive dijo:

    8:23 yo im subbing for that 😂😂😂

  2. 2026 FG dijo:

    16:34 pretty sure Salah was age 25/26

  3. TT dijo:

    Suarez too high imo… 31 goals in 37 games at his peak in English football? Ruud bagged 44 in his first full season

  4. Such Wow dijo:

    How many hills did this man die on?

  5. kachigar dijo:

    I love you

  6. Sum41rthe1 dijo:

    Apart from Rooney being a bit high, I pretty much agree with this list. Put Rooney below Bale and KDB and it is spot on.

  7. NicoLDN dijo:

    Video would’ve been much more interesting if it was based on the individual seasons they won it tbh

  8. z Hawk dijo:

    Would've liked you mentioning that T&T qualified for the world cup with Yorke playing a central midfield role near the end of his career. Must be the only player on this list to switch position later on and carry his team to a world cup (Bale closest but Wales were a better side than T&T).

    Maybe you could do a future ranking video of the biggest players to come from small countries? Some real gems would make that list.

  9. wah dijo:

    finally someone says Kompany was overrated. He was a good to great defender, but was far from the very best IMO. and was prone to a few mistakes and had only one season where I felt he was close to the highest tier

  10. Marvens Mathieu dijo:

    If there was an ad after you said 18th , Cristiano Ronaldo , people would have died lol .

  11. Josh dijo:

    Saying Vieira was a better B2B than Yaya Toure is one of the worst takes I've heard from this channel Icl

  12. Tapiwa Chida dijo:

    so bale had a better campaign than salah's record breaking season, lmao piss off

  13. Lbert1 dijo:

    Kante is the most overrated player ever 2 world class seasons and he's put among the greatest. Mad

  14. Guy incognito dijo:

    Rooney comfortably last

  15. Bible is God's word dijo:

    Keane in 2000 should definitely be top 10.

  16. Rob dijo:

    Ljunberg behind Vardy 😂😂😂😂

  17. Sam Butler dijo:

    You've labelled the Dias bookmark as "Diaz"… ok, you've also got "Youngberg", "Ungolo Kante"

  18. random dijo:

    Hazard >>>>>>> salah

  19. Michael Scotton dijo:

    Garett Bale way too high

  20. ben mungai dijo:

    Soo, No to Stevie G huh?

  21. Nachiketa TJ dijo:

    Nah, Hazard over Salah anyday.

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