Abrimos 3 de los 83+ 5x Premier League Packs..

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35 respuestas a Abrimos 3 de los 83+ 5x Premier League Packs..

  1. UTFT COYB dijo:

    Got rice


    I've got 5 84s

  3. tule friedrich dijo:

    ive got tots ruben dias

  4. JizzMalone dijo:

    I could only dream to get that luck, think Matip was my best pull😂😂😂

  5. RockStar North dijo:

    I got tots Becker and gold pogba

  6. vortex dijo:

    The biggest stinker I opened

  7. Richie Osoro dijo:

    Sonny 😝

  8. Brice Commeyne dijo:

    Jota lukaku and thiago

  9. Sultan Zadjali dijo:

    I got 5 83s

  10. keano van den bossche dijo:

    I got vvd out of that pack😂

  11. TwoGen Gaming dijo:

    I got Bruno and rice from this can't complain 😋

  12. grahamtedford10 dijo:

    I got Sterling and 4 83s

  13. Gareth Davies dijo:

    Rodri for me

  14. Jack Tankard dijo:

    Got Dias and Jota TOTS maybe I was lucky

  15. Ed Games dijo:

    I got Jota :))

  16. Renato Puricelli dijo:

    Got Rice and Alexander Arnold in this, I opened it at 7:20 PM, I Thought it was a crazy pack…

  17. James Games dijo:

    I got
    87 robertson
    86 thiago alcantara
    85 jorginho
    84 foden
    83 pickford

  18. Susanta Kirtania dijo:

    My highest was 84 greylish

  19. Fraser dijo:

    got 2 ifs so im happy

  20. Nigel Estes dijo:

    Mine were stinky. Opened 5 across my 5 accounts and best card was 87 Sancho followed by 4 83’s. EA sucks!

  21. Corey Levesque dijo:

    I mean I pulled Bruno…

  22. Ben Briggs dijo:

    I got rice and Kane

  23. Ben Jamin dijo:

    I got de bruyne 😍

  24. liquid apollo dijo:

    I got tots silva 94 🤣

  25. Jord McGorry dijo:

    I actually got Rodri, I know he's the cheapest tots but still a dub after watching this 😂

  26. ZoneKill dijo:

    I got son and rice in the same pack what u say about luck

  27. Adam Oakman dijo:

    I got son and rice in this

  28. Mark Ryan dijo:

    I got 3 87s and 92 tots trent

  29. Chris Enameless dijo:

    I got the same shit…

  30. steftones1 dijo:

    I got 87 gold as highest. Scambag i will say. Really thought i would pull a tots from this pack. I still haven't got any from prem tots, I've opened more than 30 packs. Scam !!!!

  31. Joe Gates dijo:

    I got tots Bruno and jota in the same pack. I was shocked and very happy

  32. Saucy Slug dijo:

    I got Rice TOTS, 85, 84 and 2x 83s

  33. Semm de Haas dijo:

    I got tots fernandes and Rodri😳😳

  34. Nicholas dijo:

    Got a dupe alisson good fodder

  35. Jonathan Trimby dijo:

    I got de bruyne

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