Best Premier League Midfielder…🤔

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46 respuestas a Best Premier League Midfielder…🤔

  1. AnderFooty dijo:

    Ozil left the chat

  2. Kay_edits dijo:

    Silva, Ozil, toure, Scholes have left the chat

  3. FaisXedit dijo:

    Ozil Left the chat

  4. Chasey1610 dijo:

    Rice has left the chat.

  5. Ivan Setiawan dijo:


  6. goat ronaldo dijo:

    Paul scholes and Ozil laughing in the corner

  7. jan Bujtar dijo:

    Slippy Gerrard 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Yolisa M dijo:

    It Is Me When Am In School

  9. Susnja10 dijo:

    Me waiting wake u to reality

  10. Agüerooooo dijo:

    Kdb ,d.Silva,b.Silva,ozil,
    Kante,and Casimiro scoles left the chat

  11. SaqFootball dijo:

    Beckham 🔥

  12. X3M_Editz dijo:

    Ozil bro

  13. Aniruudh Clasher dijo:

    KDB >>

  14. Xdblack shorts dijo:

    Ozil left the chat

  15. jeseela najeeb dijo:


  16. cye epics dijo:

    Poor toure

  17. TheJoycie dijo:

    Scholes bro is much better

  18. Football news dijo:

    You wish Gerrard was the best.

  19. RHM THE LEGEND dijo:


  20. Galaxy dijo:

    Why no one talking about Luka Modric?

  21. Zaki Mohamod dijo:

    Ozil left chat

  22. Shantha Prakash dijo:

    Yeah bechham is sleeping

  23. Jupama dijo:

    There are tons of people that are better than him ozil,scholes,David Silva,Modric (even though he wasn’t that good in the prem but I count it bc he still played in it)

  24. turkica xd dijo:

    Paul scohels

  25. DSJ dijo:

    Ozil left the chat

  26. Ben Noble dijo:

    Scholes left the chat

  27. marwan sejari dijo:

    David silva and KDB are better btw

  28. Tarun Rana rajdevar (Victoriasch) dijo:

    Incoming call from ozil

  29. Austin Smith dijo:

    Ngl I was really waiting for ozil at the end and some others throughout the video

  30. PcTOH dijo:

    Paul Scholes, Ozil left the chat

  31. Kya Durman dijo:


  32. Harry Çelikkiliç dijo:

    Lingard: chuckling in the corner

  33. Flixshot dijo:

    Keane left the chat

  34. da goofy goober dijo:

    Gerrard was shit

  35. Mukhriz Fahzan dijo:

    people saying ozil me bechem

  36. Tarz4n dijo:

    David Silva and Ozil wheezing in the corner 😂

  37. Chackdicos dijo:


  38. Nikita Simons dijo:


  39. Hi Hello dijo:

    How Gerrard Conquered The Premier League Without Ever Winning It

  40. konami dickie dijo:

    David beckham calls

  41. Mason Calvin dijo:


  42. Euan dijo:

    Gerrard 8. Fax

  43. Officer Man city dijo:

    🐐De Bruyne confused

  44. Philip Rix dijo:

    paul scholes hands down was a better midfielder

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