¿Quién ganará la Premier League?

#pantalones cortos #premierleague #liverpool #manchesterunited #mancity #chealsea #arsenal

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34 respuestas a ¿Quién ganará la Premier League?

  1. FootBxllLife dijo:

    Bro scared me instead of arsenal win the premier league

  2. SAPPIGE GEIT dijo:


  3. The Life Of Travel dijo:

    My boi speaking facts
    🇭🇷❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 support arsenal from croatia

  4. JustRyan🤪 dijo:

    Man u who beat then couple days ago

  5. Romeo Bruno dijo:


  6. Mauro Tagliaferri dijo:

    Arsenal Is my favorite club of premier league…. I'm Italy

  7. FATAL BOLOGNA dijo:

    ahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahababah arsenal ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah

  8. Luca Pignotti dijo:


  9. trapmant dijo:

    This scene brings back so much nostalgia

  10. Banana_split007 dijo:

    Spurs laughing in the corner

  11. Drawing cars dijo:

    Man what is with tottenham?

  12. 💉VINISPACE💉 dijo:

    Video clip name plz

  13. Pavlad dijo:

    Nice video 👍

  14. Jasur khodjaev dijo:

    Arsenal: I'm comeback

  15. Heroic dijo:

    As an Arsenal fan we defo ain’t winning Prem it will be City but think we might get 2nd or 3rd

  16. Dan Schwinger dijo:


  17. AKRAM Al-Khazzar dijo:

    Yes because that is an imaginary nun

  18. Football Fans EDIT dijo:

    Arsenal will win 🏆

  19. Pink Panther dijo:

    I burst into laughter when I saw Arsenal, imagine them winning a title

  20. ABO FLAH dijo:

    Tohen ham

  21. Sheena Lijo dijo:

    They actually might win the premier league 🏆🥳

  22. Devan★«»★ dijo:

    Name of the movie ? Plsss

  23. EhIdk dijo:

    Spurs also should be there especially instead of man u

  24. LO8CO8 dijo:

    Thanks, finally an edit on Arsenal like we kinda deserve it but u never know it might not carry on as planned

  25. PANCAKE dijo:

    Man city : calma calma calma

  26. English with me dijo:

    Common ffs we will never win it, remember villa game we thought we had the 4 trophy, how did that turn out to be, let's not forget we have Europe league this season, and we nearly got exposed against Fulham,

  27. cees-jan nefs dijo:

    man city i liverpool fan but man city de are good

  28. pharma life dijo:

    Red bitches

  29. TehItalian dijo:

    people saying arsenal are on smoke when they haven't really had and difficult matches and 2 of them have been with teams that just got promoted 😂 (and yeah i know Fulham have done pretty well but still, they were expected to win there games, wait till they play united, Spurs or Liverpool before claiming they're gunna win😂)

  30. Naruto fan dijo:

    Nice joke

  31. As_Editx dijo:

    What movie is this

  32. Since 267 dijo:

    We win this season 🥳

  33. Abdiraxman Salah dijo:


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