"¡El United le FALTÓ EL RESPETO a Ronaldo!" 😳 | Keane & Micah CHOQUE

SUSCRÍBETE ► DESTACADOS DE LA PREMIER LEAGUE ► Roy Keane cree que el Manchester United está ‘faltando el respeto’ a Cristiano Ronaldo al no jugar con él con más regularidad y al no permitirle dejar el club. Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY DEPORTES F1: ►SKY DEPORTES: ►SKY DEPORTES GOLF:

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47 respuestas a "¡El United le FALTÓ EL RESPETO a Ronaldo!" 😳 | Keane & Micah CHOQUE

  1. Sam Jeffery dijo:

    At whatever age Ronaldo still absolute quality look at where man u would 9f been last season without him , id pay myself out and go to team that appreciates class , AC Milan like zlatan

  2. Mantas Bergstrom dijo:

    boring that he sits on the bench but based on ten hags ideo of the team it will be less play time for one of the best ever its just life at the end of the day its just sad to se one of the legends sitting at the bench but if thats what ten hag wants it noone of our business :d

  3. N.Cervesa dijo:

    Jesus Micah looking like the hulk. Defo needs a bigger suit lol.

  4. Itoro Ekpo dijo:

    Roy Keane should go manage a club.

  5. D H dijo:

    Richards your suit jacket is too tight. You look like you're wearing a Johnny.

  6. Steven Miller dijo:

    Cr7 has been through a lot lately but one thing is certain, he will get through it, he always does. Th media can say whatever they want. You can never erase his legacy even if he sits on the bench all season. He once said “ Your love makes me stronger, your hate makes me unstoppable “. Cr7 is a living legend and he’s unstoppable. Time will tell.

  7. lawyer4 dijo:

    man utd biggest jokesters

  8. Tempered Glass dijo:

    Mr Glass, Martial hehehehehe

  9. dankitson2011 dijo:

    No player is bigger than a club…..but Roy is spot on. They should of let him go but they didn't 😖….one of the best players ever, sitting on the bench when at 38 he's still better than any other Man Utd striker was diabolical. He should get out in January whilst he still has some time left…. TOTAL DISRESPECT

  10. Francelima Silva dijo:

    Alessandro morais: allenatore da mandare, Ronaldo deve giocare sempre

  11. Balderino Kripperino dijo:

    Casemiro hasn't proved himself in a United shirt.

  12. PgPro 86 dijo:

    That injury came today and Ronaldo capitalized on it with a beautiful goal..

  13. Yin Cognyto dijo:

    Not a MU fan, though I usually agree with Roy, just not this time. Micah was right, using CR7 depended on what his coach had in mind, against a much more productive team in terms of … well, everything, not just pressing. Keeping CR7 on the bench might rightly seem illogical considering his goalscoring abilities and the financial aspect, but to be fair, playing him in this game would have meant playing against City with 10 men. Sure, he might have scored one or two goals, but winning the game against City (where Haaland is just crazy) … I doubt it.

    Not to mention that playing CR7 vs City in the previous season made no difference in terms of winners. Remember, it's the team that counts, not a single player, and Pep knows this very well – that's why you won't see such whims about who's playing and who's not in his team. Frankly, if not playing someone was a problem here, it was Casemiro, not CR7, considering that MU were clearly the underdogs in this case (though being new to the team could have been a good argument against that as well).

  14. Rudy Valle PT Mobility Fitness dijo:

    I always respected Keane. He played with 100% passion and heart. Now, we put players that don’t love this shirt. Simple as that. That’s why Manchester United is losing.

  15. buchenheimer dijo:

    I just love Roy Keane.

  16. roger smith dijo:

    If it was messi whole world will speak give him time. Manu struggling with the manager n ronaldo too

  17. the life of an intj dijo:

    Ronaldo's career ending like this is so gut wrenching.

  18. Stefan C dijo:

    Ronaldo missed like 3 sitters in the Europa League when he did start…if he's not scoring in the box what else can he add to a team?

  19. H.M DE dijo:

    Roy 👏👏👏CR7 ist maschin !

  20. Phuntsok Dorjee dijo:

    Its still not too late TEN HAG!!!!

  21. Phuntsok Dorjee dijo:

    I dont know what the Manager is thinking???!!! Some egos problem???? You punished Ronaldo sitting him on bench, even vs city???!!!
    Seriously! Now its still not too late, START RONALDO!!! & CASEMIRO

  22. Parzival dijo:

    If Ronaldo sucks in practice, bench him. he is not in his prime anymore and needed to be humbled like that at some point

  23. Daniel Macleod dijo:

    Keane is 100% spot on here

  24. A A dijo:

    Roy Keane should manage Manchester united

  25. Chris Gallego dijo:

    If you think Casemiro should not be starting every game, that is a joke in itself.

  26. Burhan Bhatt dijo:

    What was the point of holding ronaldo and buying casemiro if they weren’t gonna use them in important games 😒

  27. miou joer dijo:

    Roy speaks the truth as always. Straight to the point and he doesn’t care what everyone think. I respect that!

  28. patrick scholten dijo:

    cr is a problem, the money , pfff

  29. Daniele Petriconi dijo:

    Kean the worse unsportly man speacking about respect?what?🤮🤮🤮

  30. Clinton Ramo'oli dijo:

    He is 37 and bench is his rightful position.

  31. Mano rod dijo:

    It should actually be a crime to keep him on the bench.

  32. shahjaa dijo:

    Ronaldo the best to do it he doesn't need to press anything.

  33. Robert Williams dijo:

    These Two should have there own T.V show.

  34. CODSTAR dijo:

    Ronaldo is the 🐐 I feel really bad for how they are treating him. It’s totally disgusting!

  35. Ryan Baverstock dijo:

    His OK still the number 1 selling shirt

  36. Orville Brown dijo:

    He should have played in the game with City. He is arrogant and overrated and had to be taught humility but Ten Hag went too far. Still, the subsequent performances of Martial and Rashford indicate that the team is bigger than one man. Roy Keane seems to think the man is bigger than the team

  37. Sleya Raze dijo:

    Ten Hag masterclass


    We should NEVER have let Ferguson blackmail us into bringing Ronaldo. It’s so damn clear that Ferguson was trying to use Ronaldo to maintain his hold over the club!! It’s disgusting how no one talks about Fergie’s constant meddling in club matters, in addition to his total complicity with the Glazer regime. There’s no chance of us getting out of this rut we’ve been in for the past decade unless his influence over the club is totally eliminated!!

  39. adie deetz dijo:

    Bottom line is -that if you dont play "Ronaldo". in games , and leave hm on bench ? , you deserve to lose him – its shocking by united .

  40. Hambo 1690 dijo:

    Slap it up Ronaldo CTID 💙💙

  41. Aaron Hamilton dijo:

    Love the fact Ronaldo snubbed city last minute just to find himself on the bench for a team going nowhere…CTID 💙

  42. Gareth Bradley dijo:

    Ronaldo could be in any team with way better players than what Utd currently have to offer and he knows it. Playing exciting football, scoring, winning trophies… Utd are way off it and time is not on his side.

  43. Ankit Tiwari dijo:

    Ronaldo deserves this club. He disrespected them first by trying to move to another club when they couldn't qualify for champions league and now the club is returning the favor. 😆

  44. yazzie kocon dijo:

    First time he rite

  45. K. Minlun dijo:

    Tan Hag like to destroy Ronaldo career like Pochitino did to messi in psg. We need a manager who want to build someone's career not a destroyer

  46. virupaksha walla dijo:

    The problem United have had is Ferguson and the old players. This manager first to show them the finger although Fletcher still there. This is the first manager Ferguson didn't approve. Its a joke. The gang of pundits bleating for years are hilarious and long may they hold the club back.

  47. Nathan O’Neill dijo:

    Ronaldo should go back to sporting Lisbon

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