FIFA 23 – Chelsea vs. Arsenal – Premier League 22/23 Gameplay de PS5 de partido completo | 4K

Jugabilidad de FIFA 23 PS5 en 4K. Chelsea vs. Arsenal – Premier League 22/23 Partido Completo en Stamford Bridge. ID de PSN – @MJ7productions *Sígueme en Twitter: *Sígueme en Instagram: *Sígueme en Facebook: *Sígueme en TikTok: #FIFA23 #PS5 #EPL

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36 respuestas a FIFA 23 – Chelsea vs. Arsenal – Premier League 22/23 Gameplay de PS5 de partido completo | 4K

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  2. Hangman dijo:

    Rubbish. Doesn't look realistic. All these players are moved like at the ice rink too fast and they are not even tired. Football does not look like that. Motions capture look horrible.


    it doesnnot mean any thing at the reality people who has a high sensitive and vision
    know that is a game for a little kids
    but efootball is a very very real and konami can make you in a real match
    fifa 23 not enen equal pes 1996
    that is the true konami has a developers are professional but fifa denpends in all years a very very bad engines in making game

  4. Charlie_Alpha_LimaLima_Me dijo:

    I see the goal celebrations still suck. Players look so uninterested

  5. Marc G dijo:

    Half the players still don’t have real faces 😢 everyone in the prem should have them by now what a load of bs

  6. Guillermo Torres dijo:

    Just as I suspected, the gameplay and realism is still far behind from what it really should be. I’ll stay put with eFootball 23 for now. Did I mention it’s still free?

  7. 71st dijo:

    The graphics are good however, I can see it glitches some times

  8. DanLee dijo:

    The celebration though 🥶

  9. Victory Iheanacho dijo:

    Talk about hypermotion 😢

  10. Victory Iheanacho dijo:

    Omg y’all comments be cracking me up. The play is terrible. Shouldn’t be that hard to score a goal 😂 I was this close to buying the game now I won’t 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. RRV29 Vlogs dijo:

    The 1:00 minute Asian fan took he’s twin to the game 😂

  12. young city dijo:

    Why do sports games nowadays in new gen are more robotic ? in the past sports games were wayyyy smoother

  13. Siam dijo:

    AND They still have made the audience totally dead. No tifos, nothing. Just people flattering with their arms

  14. Siam dijo:

    As if mount would run by zinchenko like that 😂😂😂 and one more thing, they should really nerph the importance of strength in FIFA. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, when it comes a strong player, you can never run past through him.
    Other than that, it looks like FIFA 22 with a lil difference in graphics ….

  15. DetFlex dijo:

    The shot was a nice long range cracker 🔥🔥 Big Flex like 😁👍

  16. andrea sap dijo:

    questa visuale di gioco c'è l'anno solo le nuove console?

  17. zokker 122 dijo:

    Is the pre match animation only for ps5 . Pls help✌️

  18. NME dijo:

    Derek Rae is a put off can’t stand he’s voice.

  19. Cheikh Tidiane dijo:

    What game camera do you use?

  20. Javier Guerrero hernandez dijo:

    No veo un cambio significativo.. Más de lo mismo

  21. Stephanie Koomson dijo:

    The moment I saw Sterling's face before watching the video I saw it as a fail, it looked nothing like Sterling

  22. Hussien Alsafi dijo:


  23. Alexandur Enchev dijo:

    09:07 so realistic

  24. Daithi dijo:

    Players run way too robotic, looks good though

  25. Sascha Sebastian dijo:

    Gameplay looks as repetitive as ever. But the graphics are nice. Probably the best linking idle game out there now 😁

  26. SPORTS PSYCHO dijo:

    Commentary sucks

  27. Rhythm Dutta dijo:

    9:06 Wait……what?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Andreas Enggren dijo:

    Omg FIFA23 look like a game from 2000!! Wow!!

  29. Jack dijo:

    Gameplay is unrealistic. Run like a robot. Ball movement is not natural

  30. shingocc dijo:

    cant see differences with fifa22

  31. Dude dijo:

    They still make these games? lmao

  32. GnR1090 dijo:

    Is this the same game as fifa 22 or does it really change?

  33. Gulielmo 40 dijo:

    Realistic graphics realistic gameplay but too slow game… so sad

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