Premier League 2021/2022🏆 Top Four Focus: Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City y Man United

Premier League 2021/2022🏆 Top Four Focus: Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City y Man United

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37 respuestas a Premier League 2021/2022🏆 Top Four Focus: Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City y Man United

  1. JC ANYIAM dijo:

    My ONLY criticism of this Liverpool side is WE DON'T get enough YELLOW CARDS, We are too NICE- I look back at the Man City match, We SHOULD be getting employing professional fouls and the players SHOULD be taking one for the TEAM- at All cost to BREAK UP DANGEROUS ATTACKS, BEFORE THE PLAYER gets into Our penalty box. Those two CITY GOALS could have been prevented had Our players RUGBY TACKLED the City players OUTSIDE the box and taken a Yellow Card- James MILNER was THE ONLY player who did that to FODEN- As we saw when He left the Field, Liverpool conceded a 2nd which could have been prevented. Salah's WONDER goal SHOULD have been THE WINNER with just 12 minutes to play, You could see how UNHAPPY Salah was after the final whistle!!!

  2. Sadrul Chowdhury dijo:

    Comon u mighty reds. Ynwa

  3. Pharah Qalon dijo:

    Why play sancho when lingeerd is in form of his life,

  4. Rob B dijo:

    As a Chelsea fan I can say with 💯 % certainty these guys have no idea what they are talking about!

  5. Clyde Edzani dijo:

    Mo is not the best player in the world right now, in England people like gassing players on a few good moments…

  6. joab obosi dijo:

    Are you aware that Chelsea has not conceded a goal in open play this season in the premier league despite having played majority of the top teams in the league so far. GOALS CONCEDED 2 Penalties and 1 man City deflected Conner kick.

  7. Mark Benedetti Moss dijo:

    Why wouldn't Salah go to Man City if they fail to get Haaland?

  8. Malcolm Mohrmann dijo:

    There’s no way city wins this year just don’t see it it’s Chelsea or Liverpool

  9. Keigo dijo:

    Tim Sherwood😭😭😭 Man should be the one under pressure at his job!!!

  10. Wan Amzar dijo:

    I don't like ex spurs manager to be pundits…. He not good.

  11. malcolm veloz dijo:

    The impossible football intraoperatively fold because bell multivariably injure circa a nippy bow. ablaze, craven caution

  12. Kwame VanDamme dijo:

    Mohamed Salah is the best player performing at best level that's true. I'm giving my opinion as a Chelsea FC fan.

  13. Tell the truth dijo:

    What is Sherwood talking about….! Absolute bollox.

  14. Patrick Pinochet dijo:

    This guy Tim is a joke underlooking Chelsea. We've played Liverpool, City, spurs, Arsenal and still on top of the premier league. Come on Tim we won the Champions league against…Show some respect to the Champion.

  15. Norman Spill dijo:

    Sherwood you seem to overlook that Mount wasn’t playing against Man City

  16. Jacob Adu dijo:

    Man united play soo well during November and December

  17. bashir alatishe dijo:

    Tim Sherwood is just uttering nonsense. How can you beat someone 3 times in a row and then they win once and the next thing you are thinking is we are not that good and your confidence drops. How? Is City coming to the pitch to dance? If anything Man City would have been thanking God before the match seeing the new style tuchel was bringing.

  18. Oumuamua dijo:

    Imagine newcastle not buying anybody in upcoming january and get relegate at the of the season .that will be madness

  19. omi patwa dijo:

    Pep didn’t give any footballing lesson! Chelsea players where just tired

  20. David Olorunshola dijo:

    If Ronaldo is considered one of the best in the world and he plays in the premier league then how is Salah the best in the premier league

  21. Karan Kumbhar dijo:


    Chelsea are still operating in 3rd gear most of the season… Except for 2nd half madness in couple of games

    It's both good but concerning !!

  22. Deep Kankasaniya dijo:

    In this 7 games, chelsea played with Arsenal, Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Aston Villa, most difficult games so far for any club in premier league, still managed to get to the top of the table.

  23. MVP Gaming dijo:

    We need to maintain this consistency against small teams as well. Go Chelsea 💙

  24. Nick Panayis dijo:

    In a few years the biggest game will be Newcastle v city

  25. Himanshu Sinha dijo:

    City didn't go anywhere else? Didn't they try to sign Ronaldo once the Kane deal fell through ?

  26. Jack Smith dijo:

    but when do these guys on this show talk about the non corrupt clubs? some fans who actually understand the game would like to hear about their clubs with actual integrity left.

  27. Diana Calanni dijo:

    Liverpool, Jürgen. Kloop and our guys are there for each other, 👍😍as Jürgen. Says, im the normal one 🤣🤣🤣👏

  28. Tam Simon dijo:

    Liverpool unstopable

  29. Sim Simvuyele dijo:

    Jesus has not been playing as a striker🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ so called pundits who do not even watch matches

  30. Jos P dijo:

    Which one is a bigger statement?
    To snatch the Champions League 🏆 and take home or 3 points out of 3×38 games?

  31. Tayo Sunmola dijo:

    Alan curbishley. I missed that former west ham coach

  32. Pierre Destin dijo:

    What dent is sherwood talking about hahahahaha, the real governors hahah🤣🤣🤣 we played the 4 times they one once and they're the ones with the statement 🤣? Absolutely bs

  33. Barry Pokiton dijo:

    Leave United out of the top 4 is good enough, less lime light less pressures… But don't be surprised if United bounces back

  34. R M dijo:

    Jesus plays on the right this season, it's Torres who plays in centre or others as false 9. Not sure what the pundits mean by saying what if Jesus is injured, ofcourse Mahrez plays there 😊

  35. Thokozani Mdluli dijo:

    Ole out.

  36. Stu 6 dijo:

    Can see Newcastle getting top 4

  37. Snowflake says... dijo:

    Lord. So apparently Ronaldo didn't play against Villa, clearly wrong no one corrected him sigh

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