Liverpool venció 9-0 a Bournemouth e igualó el récord de la Premier League de mayor victoria

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29 respuestas a Liverpool venció 9-0 a Bournemouth e igualó el récord de la Premier League de mayor victoria

  1. abdullahi qasim Mahamed dijo:

    Vivd should go bench

  2. Lord Fluffykinz dijo:

    Well Liverpool finally found the right goal scoring valve it seems.

  3. ami ramlan dijo:

    Scott get sacked by Bournemouth. Wish him all the best

  4. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    masks their flaws. B is a crap team

  5. Majwega Ignatius dijo:

    'we dont that often we should cherish it' great game

  6. scoobydee dijo:

    Is Parker hiding a rubik cube in his mouth

  7. Khemraj Kaleeka dijo:

    Its call the red angry bird liverpool

  8. Khemraj Kaleeka dijo:

    We always make history n liverpool is legend waiting for nunez n the team will rock

  9. ALDO RFC dijo:

    Damn… Nobody can get the 10 😉😂😂

  10. Taitea Kopyte dijo:

    As impossible as it may seem, i want Liverpool to score like this against Man City and United😁

  11. Allan Fitz dijo:

    and some people were talking about a 7 year curse. lol

  12. Pr0v0ked dijo:

    Monstrous. People used to mock La Liga for these results back when Barca and Real were ruling with two of the best of all time, don’t hear anyone calling the EPL farmers league for this result though..

  13. Spongebabe dijo:

    I know "Fabio Carvalho" is a pretty classic Portuguese name but the lad sounds so English I had to Google him to check if he was English 😂 I'm guessing he's come up through the youth system at Liverpool and has been living there a while!

  14. chidubem dijo:

    Warra goal/assist for Po Palah

  15. JayCFC dijo:

    Great win Liverpool👏🏾

  16. Official rozay dijo:

    AFC Bournemouth is a Yoyo club for a reason lol

  17. Jan Miranda dijo:

    So what, if Salah doesn't score while half the team contributes? If he didn't score that goal against man united it'd have been worse for Liverpool post Manutd. It's not so shocking. It happens.

  18. Stephen Lee dijo:

    The whole team were unbelievable yesterday. What a way to respond to criticism. When Liverpool play like they did, they’re unstoppable regardless of who they play.

  19. David Chandra dijo:

    Okay now does Liverpool miss Mane or not? 😂

  20. Top Cat dijo:

    That goal difference at the end of the season will be the kicker for a Liverpool Premiership cup win 🏆

  21. Roy Wilson dijo:

    Parker is a disgrace

  22. Teddybear dijo:

    I’d love to hear if anyone put a bet on that

  23. Alan Voo dijo:

    This is nothing..winning at home against a lower team is good but nothing to brag about..the real test is ..maintain a clean sheet and get the damn 3pts every match

  24. m dijo:

    Lucho made a statement…❤️‍🔥

  25. James Rigby dijo:

    The real Liverpool is back – hurray! 😁

  26. YNWAARAY dijo:


  27. Gucci Alan dijo:

    Bournemouth to get relegated by Christmas

  28. DiReal 2dcore dijo:

    Massive response, mother of all statements. 👏 👏 👏 👏

  29. Louis Adu-Amoah dijo:

    Man Utd always showing the way in Premier League

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