¡EQUIPO INICIAL DE LA LIGA PREMIER DE 50K! 🤑 – Equipo definitivo de FIFA 21

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24 respuestas a ¡EQUIPO INICIAL DE LA LIGA PREMIER DE 50K! 🤑 – Equipo definitivo de FIFA 21

  1. AuzioMF dijo:

    Let me know what squad you want me to make next and did anyone catch the secret? 🤐

  2. mankj dijo:

    Now it’s a 8-10K squad 😂

  3. Taylor Sanders dijo:

    I'm using that team now at it unreal 81 Watkins instead of antonio though

  4. Raihan Laher dijo:

    Auzio I started fifa 21 today and my team is
    Gk-Dean Henderson

  5. Omar Abdulfattah dijo:

    this team is 150k lamo

  6. will peisker dijo:

    this time like 200k u bot

  7. Thiago Reis dijo:

    Bad video Bro, so wrong in prices….

  8. Paulos Skarakis dijo:

    richarilison is now 50 k

  9. high-raccoon26 dijo:

    Love the videos can’t wait for future reviews , keep it up so understated‼️‼️

  10. Jannik Fit dijo:

    Around 70k imo

  11. Saladin Gucman dijo:

    Just opened a random video of you to say: Auzio man.. ur goood! Thank you. From Turkey 🇹🇷

  12. Keizaigaku YT dijo:

    Hey Auzi, how much do you reckon Jota will go for? Don't think you said in the video! Thanks 🙂

  13. bnjyt dijo:

    that backline will be 50k by itself. i always stay away from prem for starter squads, everyone is so overpriced

  14. Youri Veendorp dijo:

    Really nice to see you're channel grow lik this keep it up🙌

  15. Jack Sheldon dijo:

    Pope is 6.7 u can see on images that he is taller than both hart and butland who are 6.4

  16. Hao_93 dijo:

    how much do you think martial will go for

  17. Michael dijo:

    What is the code for

  18. Ben Kelly dijo:

    This is gonna be way more than 50k

  19. Oscaritio dijo:

    Podence is an amazing player irl

  20. Arsalan M414 dijo:

    Always best Tips Thanks

  21. Sam Stephenson dijo:

    This squad will not be 50k imo 100k minimum I think that ake and richarleson together are 50k

  22. CiTiZeN_ErAzEd_ ErA dijo:

    Serie A for me , mkhitaryan, belotti, Verdi, zielinski on fifa 20 all 5 star weak foot

  23. Ali El nozamy dijo:

    Jota kight be expensive cuz of the hype and the 5 wf aswell

  24. Isael Garcia dijo:

    Auzio's vids are fire 🔥🐐

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