Destacados del partido | Liverpool 9-0 AFC Bournemouth | Liga Premier

Los goles del AFC Bournemouth fueron derrotados 9-0 por el Liverpool en Anfield. ___________________________________________________________________________ No olvides escuchar el Podcast oficial de AFC Bournemouth completo con todos los episodios disponibles en todas las plataformas de podcast y YouTube ➡️ ___________________________________________________________________________ 🐦 TWITTER: 📲 FACEBOOK: 📸 INSTAGRAM: 💻 SITIO WEB: #highlights #premierleague

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37 respuestas a Destacados del partido | Liverpool 9-0 AFC Bournemouth | Liga Premier

  1. GeeGe Siddharrth dijo:

    yall got destroyed

  2. ΛΕΓΕΩΝ dijo:

    What a shitty club Liverpool is.

  3. Strych dijo:

    It must mean something when even Liverpool fans feels bad for Bournemouth

  4. Memes dijo:

    Thats embarrasing

  5. Arjun dijo:

    Big respect from a liverpool fan❤️

  6. Riley’s Reviews dijo:

    I hope you go down Scott Parker didn’t derseve it

  7. Riley’s Reviews dijo:

    Respect for publishing this game United won’t publish a 1-0 loss

  8. Chandra Kusuma dijo:

    Respect. Back to Stronger 👊🏻

  9. Stephen Robinson dijo:


  10. Negasa Tolesa NT dijo:

    How dare the club's YouTube Channel admin upload this on their official channel? Shame on you! How you promote your humiliation?

  11. Ben Thacker dijo:

    Cheers for the fpl points lads 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Dribble Pi55 dijo:

    Sacking parker after 4 games after he got you to the prem hope you go down what was you expecting top 6 finish its the prem total disrepect

  13. Kra's dijo:

    This is what happens when you wake a sleeping giant

  14. Adam Morris dijo:

    Some great strikes there!!

  15. Aymaan M dijo:

    Don't worry Bournmouth. The season is going to be tough but be strong and face the other teams. Hopefully a top 15.

  16. Andy Murday dijo:

    Bournemouth players should be docked wages. Disgraceful performance.

  17. Jamie Adams dijo:

    Sign ross barkley!!!!

  18. parsival shuhratov dijo:

    respect for Bournemouth fans .

  19. beautiful ambiance dijo:

    I have a friend who works in a gambling site. He told me that there are people who put millions of dollars in order for Liverpool to win 9-0 and at the same time …. an investigation must be opened.. Watch the Bournemouth goalkeeper how he lets the targets enter as if it were taking a bribe … Fuck no There is honest football… Where are the fans to demonstrate over this thing…

  20. JuanDavid Ruiz yatra dijo:

    El liverpool. Cojio y lo hiso papilla. Y eso que el real madrid y el barcelona no ah podido hacer marcar todo eso

  21. A K dijo:

    Bournemouth just dont learn their lessons, if u r going to play fancy football you have to make sure you got the right players . You also need to make your backline strong.

  22. Mohanad Eissa dijo:

    Very sympathetic to the opponent, wish them better matches

  23. CurtSeavers dijo:

    Question for Bournemouth fans though — the manager seems quite defeated, deflated alreadly, like he's thrown in the towel and we're only 4 games in? What needs to be done to keep Bournemouth alive this season?

  24. CurtSeavers dijo:

    You'll proabably beat us at your place lol. Weird league, good luck.

  25. Wswsws Wswsws dijo:

    Come back stronger Bournemouth

  26. TaraiasiQaranivalu Koli dijo:

    Hats off to Bournemouth….as time goes, you will get better. Liverpool really needed to show some results especially after going down to us United.
    Much respect…work on walk strong

  27. Android 16 dijo:

    Lesser teams like Man United would've uploaded such a drubbing with a massive disclaimer, like "SEVERELY DEPLETED team lose to Liverpool and BIASED referee".

  28. Lord Klaus dijo:

    Do you guys have fans? 9 goals for professional footballers.

  29. eimaj b dijo:

    Posting this was bold 😆

  30. Jhushan Sunassee dijo:

    I am a liverpool fan but huge respect to bournemouth for putting this…. You tried a lot team and never give up… It's just the start.. You have got big teams to play but don't give up… Losing is part ek success… Goodluck

  31. Bastard Delonge dijo:

    Respect 🙏🏻

  32. Da vid dijo:

    Come back stronger! Wishing you guys all the best in this Premier League season. 👊

  33. Kevin Morales dijo:

    Big respect, from a Liverpool fan! 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  34. enock bett supreme dijo:

    respectt to bournemouth

  35. Ngalam Till i die dijo:

    Nah tu kan…dari 9 gol….hanya nama salah yg ngga tercantum di papan skor, dari awal Liverpool sudah membuat kesalahan fatal dgn menjual Mane hanya demi mempertahankan salah….nah skarang Mane di Munchen sudah jd top skor, sdangkan salah ……..

  36. FrostyMourne dijo:

    Some clubs are too embarrassed to post their losses. So this is really something, much respect 👍🏻

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