Alan Smith predice el top 4 y el bottom 3 de la Premier League mientras anticipa la temporada 2022/23

► Suscríbase a Sky Sports News: Alan Smith comparte sus pensamientos antes de la nueva temporada de la Premier League. Smith cree que Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham y Arsenal terminarán entre los 4 primeros, mientras que Bournemouth, Fulham y Leeds descenderán. #SkySportsNews #SkySports #PremierLeague ► Para conocer los últimos desarrollos de esta historia: Más de Sky Sports en YouTube: ► Sky Sports Retro: ► Sky Sports: ► Sky Sports Football: ► Sky Sports Boxing: ► Sky Sports F1: ► Sky Sports Cricket : ► Sky Sports Golf: ► Para obtener información sobre la licencia del contenido de Sky Sports News, puede obtener más información aquí:

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39 respuestas a Alan Smith predice el top 4 y el bottom 3 de la Premier League mientras anticipa la temporada 2022/23

  1. Chase Richardson dijo:

    Gunna go leeds haha

  2. cømrⱥde 卄Ꭵcc dijo:

    'Á very wet night in North London and the rain continues to come down.'
    'No sign of a break in the weather and certainly no sign of a break in the rain.'

  3. Oo_ELECTRO_oO dijo:

    Allan Smith, as a Leeds fan this hasn't aged well 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. harry greb dijo:

    He's as daft as Carney, sack em both

  5. Darren Jennings dijo:

    City didn't pay big bucks for halland he was a bargin 😂😂

  6. Shabs123 dijo:

    If you think chelsea is not gonna top 4 your just kidding lol and how could you possibly put arsenal in 4 I'd put Newcastle utd instead

  7. Paul Sidharta dijo:

    go straight to 16:31 for the list. *sigh

  8. Django Plays dijo:

    Crazy that this guy played for United not more than 15 years ago….

  9. Bill M McKelvie dijo:

    L.O.L which season is this for? I disagree with Alan Leeds will definitely not be relegated given all the signings, however we will see what we achieve on Saturday away against Southampton. I am sure there will be few surprises instore for the big clubs this season as Leeds will not be following the Sports media narrative who knows Manchester United could even go down!

  10. Ginger Knight dijo:

    6:56 DENIED!!!

  11. william willis dijo:

    Christ on a bike, this guy can speak for hours without imparting any information at all. Man City, Liverpool, wow, he is really putting his head above the parapet here. Quite the most boring and insight-free analysis I've heard in a long time.

  12. IvanWizard (Karl) dijo:

    not biased at all is it

  13. colin Brooks dijo:

    leeds will be more than safe this season

  14. colin Brooks dijo:

    another person whos know nothing about Leeds !!!!!

  15. SST9589 dijo:

    I would have put a sizeable amount of money on Smith picking Leeds for the drop. He commentated on a few games last 2yrs and passes every compliment through gritted teeth. (Not that there are many)

  16. Hadi Winata dijo:

    is that the ALAN SMITH ?

  17. The Awfy Man dijo:

    This guy is wrong

  18. New van no plan! dijo:

    At last common sense talk from Alan Smith, (from a spurs fan) better than listening to the tards on the fan channels who are just biased and incapable of thinking long term football. Thanks Alan 👍

  19. BigChungy26 dijo:

    He said about nunez then said haaland came for big money nunez cost more 😂

  20. Tom Hickson dijo:

    Would say city payed big bucks for Haaland 👎👎👎👎👎

  21. OllieDavies dijo:

    Hold on so Haaland cost big bucks but we got him for less than Nunez?

  22. Nelson CEP dijo:

    Too early to say

  23. Mads Gismerica dijo:

    Leeds? LOL
    Leeds will finish 10th or higher

  24. Gorman dijo:

    Man united

  25. wizzgamer dijo:

    Alan Smith he can pop up anywhere only Fifa players get this reference.

  26. Mark Stafford dijo:

    Another pundit stealing a living by not doing his research.

  27. Ambile Pepple dijo:

    I just watched this video to hear this legend's voice 🥺

  28. Roninblitz dijo:

    chelsea is gettings 1st or 2nd

  29. HansRolo dijo:

    All we need is for Alan to say “here we go”

  30. William S dijo:

    Unfortunately I think Everton might be in big trouble this season. They were very lucky to survive last season.

  31. Royston Sanders dijo:

    Alan…You said that Leeds are one to go down. I'm saving this for the end of the season.. 🤔🤨🙄

  32. kevin taylor dijo:

    Btw , Alan Smith should be happy about Arsenal's purchases . They're likely to get 4th this season . Maybe even third if Chelsea have a blow up – and this from a Spurs supporter .

  33. kevin taylor dijo:

    You might have got a kick out of the women players . I got a semi that I had to say was WORTH 30% more lol . Sorry

  34. Sihle Gwala dijo:

    Alan Smith is the only football legend I recognize

  35. H R dijo:

    Alan knows his stuff. Good predictions

  36. Trevski Lebzi dijo:

    Chelsea look strong this season don’t know why everyone sleeps on them

    We got
    Marc currecara
    Connor Gallagher
    And some more signings to come
    And most importantly in my opinion we got chilwell back from injury for a year which means we get to see the Reece and chil duo again

  37. Keira Berman dijo:

    He was an icon in fifa

  38. Tobi Orolu dijo:

    i got a nice profit thx you!!!

  39. Alex Shaw dijo:

    Everton won't go down, because the salt generated from Burnley fan's do not affect results.

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