MY FIRST FPL 2022/23 GW1 DRAFT! | Mock Team for the New Fantasy Premier League Season

Whilst the Official Fantasy Premier League website hasn’t launched the 2022-23 game yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about what our Gameweek 1 teams will look like!

In this video, I will give some early thoughts as to what my GW1 draft will look like, who are the best players, best bargains, and best captains for the opening run of fixtures. I hope you enjoy this mock draft whilst we await the official launch.

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47 respuestas a MY FIRST FPL 2022/23 GW1 DRAFT! | Mock Team for the New Fantasy Premier League Season

  1. Jonathan Murray dijo:

    Is fpl back up snd running for 22/23 season

  2. Di Am dijo:

    Game-week 1

    Arnold Cancelo Chilwell Cash
    Salah(C) Martinelli Kulusevski Wissa
    Kane(V) Welbeck

    Sánchez E.Royale Caicedo Gelhardt

    Game-week 2

    Arnold Cancelo Chilwell Cash
    Salah(V) Martinelli Kulusevski Wissa
    Haaland(C) Welbeck

    Raya E.Royale Caicedo Gelhardt

    Thoughts ??

  3. Adam Viet Traun Le dijo:

    My draft:
    Raya (Sanchez)
    Ajer, Kilman, Tierney, TAA, Davies
    Saka, Salah, Kulu, Diaz (Guimaraes)
    Haaland (Greenwood, Gelhardt)

    Lots of great cheap defenders, expensive defenders might be a waste of money. That is why i don't have Cancelo, Perisic or Chilwell. Cancelo only got 2 assists in the last 10 pl games, and got 2 yellow cards. Might get Eric Dier after they have played Chelsea.

  4. FPL Bude dijo:

    What’s the point, you don’t know the prices, who might be moving positions. Chill out and give it a rest.

  5. Olav Nordstoga dijo:

    a tip for pronouncing Haaland correctly is to say it like "Hawland"

  6. Alexander Willy Wils dijo:

    Dan, I'm surprised you forgot about Elanga… under Ten Hag he's gonna be really good and I'll definitely add him to my team next season

  7. marc Shackelford dijo:

    Hello will be in London on April 29 ( Arsenal vs Chelsea ) never went before that. Any advice on getting ticket at decent prices etc .. etc ..?
    Sorry for the off context question and thank you FPL MATE for all the great videos and season advices !

  8. Sam dijo:

    Great draft Dan!! Only Cancelo is missing here

  9. Christopher Claudio Skierka dijo:

    you really thing Haaland will hit the ground from dayone? this is quite rare, perhaps 3 or 4 weeks into the season?. I think its the sheep following the sheep meeeeee meeee lol. I think Son is a better option ,but so many people overlook him, I am sure people have an issue because of his origin. ,,very sad, if you cant fit him maybe son over salah.. if you have the b++ls 🙂 ,,not many have but from the intel i get he is worn out a little from last season, injury issue so performance may well drop and you have up and coming stars at Liverpool

  10. Conor McCurdy dijo:

    Absolutely no chance you could afford that team…unless they give you £150m

  11. Gabriel Bueno dijo:

    love this draft already! hoping perisic will be listed as a defender – that would be fantastic!

  12. MrGaryGlimmer dijo:

    Why after 30 years are we now saying Haland instead of Haaland?

  13. Vardon Hagan dijo:

    Due to the abysmal performances of forwards in the game last season, and the glut of attacking midfield options, I'm predicting that Jota, Salah, Diaz, Sterling and Son will be reclassified as forwards for the new season. That should shake things up a bit!

  14. Ziphozonke Mdletshe dijo:

    As promised last season , we will follow your content from start to finish

  15. FPL Central dijo:

    Awesome video

  16. D R dijo:

    I went on the website today and I can't seem to create a team. I have no + button next to the players names to add to my team… How'd ya do it?

  17. Acky dijo:

    Quite like that team.. just a suggestion, would it not be better dropping Ramsay from the 5th mid slot and getting Digne or Cash as a 5th defender instead? Most likely around the 5.5 mark

  18. P Macca dijo:

    35th Arsenal….Dan Arteta…


    Not bad Dan, not quite the route I'll be taking. I'm going to gamble on KDB actually not missing most of the start of the season instead of Salah. KDB & Haha-land is just too irresistible for me 💥. (this is where I've missed some important info & kdb is injured already or left 😂)

  20. Ogunyemi Gbenga Ayomide dijo:

    Dan, are you an Arsenal fan??

  21. 3afk Al5a6r dijo:

    You are best YouTuber in fantasy. I will make my team like your team 😅

  22. Глеб Снимщиков dijo:

    Dan hello,please tell me how to find this site?

  23. Dani G dijo:

    My 1st draft is:Raya, Gabriel, Cucurella, Coady, Mings, Ramsey, KDB, Martinelli, Salah(C), Núnez, Haaland. Subs are: Steel, Henry, Gelhardt, Colback. Thoughts?

  24. Jack Dom dijo:

    There is 0 chance that Perisic is listed as a defender, and also i think he will be closer to 7m price.

  25. Mike Eddy dijo:

    Historically the newly promoted teams tend to do well in the early part of the season, until the top teams work out their tactics, so could be a few surprises in the opening weeks.

  26. Nabhya Modi dijo:

    What are your views on Liverpool differentials Nunez/Diaz/Jota? as well as Gaby Jesus if the moves facilitates

  27. d'fre_ke dijo:

    Nice draft mate

  28. Craig Milne dijo:

    Hey Dan. Great content and video as usual. Cannot wait for the game to start again. Did my 1st draft yesterday. GK's: Martinez, Raya. Def's: Trent, White, Targett, Coady, Jansson. Mid's: Salah(C), Coutinho, Partey, Norgaard, Dendoncker. Fwd's: Haaland(V), Nunez, Nketiah. This will probaly change radically for GW1. Thoughts?

  29. RB dijo:

    I don't expect all players to go up quite as much as you FPL pundits are predicting, FPL will want teams to have big names in them to make it fun and high scoring. TAA will stay 7.5 and Salah will also. Halland as a new player to the PL should not be more than 11

  30. CraigieMo dijo:

    Doherty Spurs

  31. S O dijo:

    I also feel same.. thrusday or friday

  32. Nic Monberg dijo:

    I'm tempted to skip playing this year I feel they are not even listening to what people want and not a fan of a lot of the way the system works.

  33. Noh Noh md lazim dijo:

    Nices !!!!! 💣💣💣

  34. Lee Fisher dijo:

    Hi Mate. If Bruno Guimarães stays at 5m he will be a bargain!

  35. Plucky Trout6969 dijo:

    Does this website work on phones

  36. Poke’me dijo:

    Jonny & Nketieh??

  37. rt tr dijo:

    If Son is a FWD I think I will start with him instead of haaland for GW1 and wait and see for his minutes to be 100% sure. Can see Alvarez getting much game time tbh ( haaland will be nailed though at some point but I feel like with 5 subs on pep is gonna give him some time to settle). Also thinking of Diaz if he is under 10 will be a bargain for a Midfielder. ( Bowen Maddison will depend on price)

  38. David Voskanian dijo:

    Cancelo is the most important player after Salah

  39. Billy Walsh dijo:

    Great video Dan! Enjoyed your video on Raptors channel as well. I’d be surprised if we don’t get prices tomorrow or Wednesday and the game launches Friday. Either way I’ll be looking forward to all the content once it does 👍🏻

  40. Dave Riggans dijo:

    Another great video Dan good to see you with Ross earlier can't wait for fpl this is going to be my first season taking it seriously this yeah I'm hoping you can't help me mate 👍

  41. liam dawson dijo:

    I just can’t buy into haaland, maybe it’s my Liverpool bias but I’m not sure he’ll hit the ground running

  42. Fpl Alex_Thekid dijo:

    BB GW 1 get it out of the way 🤔

  43. Joshua Nwogu dijo:

    at least one Gabriel will be in my team

  44. Emil Smeland dijo:

    Raphina is a good shout, either he plays with Leeds or Arsenal

  45. zareef osman dijo:

    Link to this site?

  46. Ryan dijo:

    How is everyone doing this when I sign in it’s still the old season??

  47. Ben Wilkinson dijo:

    Gelhardt will be 5.0

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