Jack Wilshere, Darren Bent & Andy Goldstein review the Premier League 2022/23 fixtures! ⚽?

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Camisetas Liverpool Fútbol Noticias de los equipos de fútbol de 1ª y 2ª división, la Champions League y la UEFA, la Copa del Rey y la Selección Española

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31 respuestas a Jack Wilshere, Darren Bent & Andy Goldstein review the Premier League 2022/23 fixtures! ⚽?

  1. Pure Hyperbole dijo:

    The clubs do get them early on the day but the list is embargoed until the Premier League release them. The media teams need to get their stories ready.

  2. highburykev2003 dijo:

    Love these 3 together! Great chemistry and I gotta admit, Benty is a great guy and I’m a big fan of him. Always love Jack.

  3. Adam beanie smith dijo:

    Goldstein always look down on the callers like they are pheasants. Annoys me when he asks folk what they do for a living, what is the caller says I work in McDonald’s. Goldstein makes a mockery of people on the show

  4. Sarah Barber dijo:

    AG what a twunt

  5. Henry the black Alien head dijo:

    Wilshere has aged like a mofo that hair is mental

  6. Phillip Mukama dijo:

    Can't wait here we go.

  7. burgey96 dijo:

    Jack wilshere is so unbelievably devoid of a personality it’s crazy

  8. Mark Hill dijo:

    Salty bent towards Fulham again

  9. FPL_HardTalk dijo:

    These 3 are so good together. Great chemistry ? How radio should work

  10. Magikarp Splashy dijo:

    Another shock fixture announcement, all teams will indeed play each other home and away. Must be a fix how this happens every season!

  11. Olympics Fanatic dijo:

    Absolutely no one is surprised Wilshere was close to the Physio. Lol

  12. Olympics Fanatic dijo:

    They have very good chemistry.

  13. Charlie B dijo:

    "Do you go in Christmas afternoon"
    "No Christmas Day!" ??‍♂️

  14. Yella Dean dijo:

    best friends with the physio loooool

  15. Richard EVANS dijo:

    Why on earth would Darren Bent a avid Arsenal fan sign for Tottenham Hotspur?

  16. Gary Wallace dijo:

    I'd like to see Spurs win a trophy…one quarter of the quadruple!

  17. Gary Wallace dijo:

    City play Liverpool twice…there's how the Title will be decided!

  18. messi 89 dijo:

    Wilshire is soo boring. Thursday is the only day I don’t listen to drive time. Watching this clip, I made the right choice ?

  19. Gary Wallace dijo:

    Why are Premier League fixtures being commented on? All clubs play each other twice…ffs! ?

  20. Jason Smee dijo:

    Typical talksport no talk about Bournemouth. They would love the super league if it was a thing again

  21. TonyGMichael dijo:

    Wilshere asleep again…he no good at this!

  22. Adrian Clarke dijo:

    Some proper salty people in the comments. Personally I think jack's alright, and Bent is superb on the radio. I wanna hate Bent, he's an ex sheep shagged, but I'll happily admit I think he's great on talksport.

  23. Tarvold dijo:

    Goldstein completing blanking that Wilshere also played for West Ham in the PL. Don't blame him, I'm sure Hammers fans try to forget too.

  24. Grazo dijo:

    Sick of them rolling out jack wheelchair

  25. Football'SExpert dijo:

    Jacky Boy looks dis interested

  26. Scott Mccartney dijo:

    the best trio on radio….darren darren bent hahah

  27. James Morgan dijo:

    Fatman bent and the biggest waste of talent in the history of football wilshire .. Genuinely have no interest in either opinion. Can think of about 8 you tubers who provide better insight

  28. James Morgan dijo:

    I hate talk sport now. The Arsenal bias is laughable beside the club being an absolute joke. If I wanted a biased point of view I would watch the bbc..

  29. George F dijo:

    Please get Jack Wilshere off this station. He offers nothing.

  30. We Hate The Mancs dijo:

    Man utd getting an easy run of fixtures in the Premier League is absolute disgrace Yet those dirty Mancs cry about us facing new promoted teams every opening day of the Premier League.?

  31. Immortal Treknique dijo:


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