Dan and @The Chronicles of a Gooner – Harry Symeou discuss Tielemans & Jesus links and look at the release of the 2022/2023 fixtures.

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  1. P dijo:

    Bloke has played 20 games in 3 years…. tells you all you need to know and we spent more then what spurs spent on Bissouma who is a proven and current premier league top 10 midfielder who would help Partey immensely in the midfield allowing him to play his game and not get so many injuries…. no1 heard of this player prior to the signing and suddenly our cockroach fan base starts scurrying out the woodworks like he is the best midfielder ever signed……. complete dross from this fan base and club… unacceptable start to the transfer season with Nketiah also getting a new 5 year 100k a week deal…. talking about Artetas relationship with Jesus etc….. yeah thats why we gotta overpay for fee and salary just to even sit down with him…. nonsense Arteta has no pull whatsoever nor Jesus or any player gives a f what he wants…. wtf is going on with this club…. Arteta will have spent close to 400m by the end of this transfer season in over 3 years and just look at the state of this team…… we have lost better players then we have brought in… make it make sense….. to me it's another usual panic buy because they aren't having any luck with the players we actually want and they could feel the fan base was starting to get irritated…. even the delusional spastics with no standards…. so they brought him in to buy themselves more time and look like they are putting in work…. not buying it….. it's a joke ting he might be decent but we don't need decent we need marquee signings and proven players… spurs are literally a better team and showing light years more ambition then us and these fans think its acceptable?? You think Conte would re sign the likes of xhaka, elneny and nketiah? As much as I like Elneny he is just not good enough for what is ment to be ARSENAL wtf… team moving like a Southampton or some shit….. the quicker we put the pressure on and demand all the clowns out of the club the quicker we go back to being a proper club starting with Arteta, Edu and Vinnai then these fraudulent scumbag owners who even though have backed the manager and the team they clearly don't give a f about winning anything….

  2. Craig Hawes dijo:

    Harry said free hit! this Arsenal football club ffs

  3. Mark Sweet dijo:

    Thanks for the new channel Dan. But please, no more Harry. The guy has his own channel so ppl can listen to his ludicrous pro Arteta/Edu views….. He is an utter berk. We dropped out of the top four last season because we got injuries and weakened in Jan, yet Harry would have us believe that that transfer window was a "transfer masterclass" and that a small squad is better than a big one. Really? With five subs this season and a draining world Cup mid season? A small squad cost us last season. Harry also says AMN was dead wood and we didn't miss him. We'll we did in the cup when we had to play Patino….. And saying he was rubbish at Roma proves nothing. He was MOTM for us V Watford. Perhaps he just didn't settle in Rome. Lastly Dan, just one day ago, on his own podcast Harry said that people like you Dan, and me, who were critical of Arteta, are toxic fans, not real fans……… Bin the guy Dan. Good luck with your show

  4. TRAG dijo:

    How many starts did he have and not I always in his favourite position

  5. TRAG dijo:

    We still need to upgrade from Elneny and Granite.

  6. Nsovo Sean Maserumule dijo:

    didnt know you had a channel Dan

  7. Frank Smith dijo:

    I'm not looking forward to nketia being our main man

  8. Matt G dijo:

    Great new channel Dan! Always appreciate how host and deliver your opinions. Looking forward to seeing it grow mate.

  9. DOirish dijo:

    Had to turn this one off Harry symneu zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. sean williams dijo:

    Stumbled on this podcast couple days ago and it’s absolute fire 🔥🔥. I immediately subscribed. Love it. I’m in USA and have always loved Arsenal. Refreshing to find someone who speaks well and understands football.

  11. Lar Doyle dijo:

    Harry would defend putin if he worked for arsenal

  12. Mosley dijo:

    We need real depth we cant fall apart like we do towards the end of the reason

  13. Sunshine Moonshine dijo:

    Buying unknowns is the Arsenal way. Sounds like this are the type of players Arteta can attract

  14. JP2021 dijo:

    Need a back up striker who is good in the air

  15. gunnergreg dijo:

    What's next after vieira…will they sign the winger henry from Oxford United

  16. Mike Smith dijo:

    Can’t see Youri Tielemans coming in?? Arteta bottling dropping Xhaka so going with another youngster who he drop when he wants and won’t cause issues!

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