The ULTIMATE Premier League Team of the Season! ? | Saturday Social ft Harry Pinero & James Allcott

Harry Pinero and James Allcott join Smithy and Joe this week on Saturday Social. As the Premier League comes to a close this weekend, we asked our guest’s to pick a XI made up of the best players of the season.
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25 respuestas a The ULTIMATE Premier League Team of the Season! ? | Saturday Social ft Harry Pinero & James Allcott

  1. Janet Frith dijo:

    Raphinha has been brilliant this season

  2. Mikey Focus dijo:

    The most painful 15 minutes I've experienced for a while

  3. Matthew Jones dijo:

    the bias is insane

  4. Anish Kumarvn dijo:

    Kane has 17 goal and 8 assit

  5. Tristan Vigne dijo:

    The Tots is the best players that season not most improved

  6. Baxter Hutchinson dijo:

    De bruyne is the first name on the team sheet

  7. Paul Welford dijo:

    you Cleary said it the last 3 months KDB has been good its about player of the season not the player of the last 3 months

  8. hadi hussin dijo:


  9. RAVI dijo:

    Dnt let the media fool u. Liverpool have UNDER ACHIEVED in the Prem! They have:
    A BETTER keeper than City
    A BETTER defensive dept overall than City
    A BETTER forward dept overall than City
    A BETTER bench overall than City.
    Dont choke. Analyse it. You will realise im absolutely correct.

  10. Jeff Elmore dijo:

    De bruyne??? Where is he?

  11. Jay Waters dijo:

    Picking Sa over Allison is ridiculous… but putting him so far left on the board, and still not fixing it when told about it is even more ridiculous.

  12. Alex Edwards dijo:

    Bowen over Ronaldo

  13. XD dijo:

    I know ppl will hate this but if we are looking at stats in the prem, trent has g/a of 14 which is also the same as reece james who has played only 26 (4 as a substitute, and is the top scoring defender in the league with 5 goals) compared to trent's 31 games

  14. AJM dijo:

    Every time I watch these it's a shambles, honestly some of the worst and most wrong footballing opinions I've heard?No cancelo even though he's been the best fullback in the world this year? Joelinton? Yes he's improved a lot but it's about the best players throughout the year not the most improved, yes he's improved more than de Bruyne but de Bruyne is 1000x the player he is?honestly shocking??‍♂️??‍♂️

  15. Saif Dahabreh dijo:

    GOD BLESS AMEN ??✝️!!!

  16. Saif Dahabreh dijo:

    GOD BLESS ??✝️!!!!!!

  17. Jekuwu dijo:

    This bsckline is one of the worst takes I've ever, ever seen. No city players when Liverpool concede not just more goals, but more chances get past their defense.

  18. wowski13 dijo:

    Take Rice out, put Big Joe in

  19. Cult of Melkor dijo:

    Why VVD over matip? It's player of the season not player of the last few seasons, they do this every year.

  20. arco- dijo:

    nice try james. nice try

  21. Hamza Ali dijo:

    No Rodri and Romero, idoits!

  22. Hamza Ali dijo:

    Tell me you watch football without watching football.

  23. J trig dijo:

    Ronaldo? Wow. Kane and mane been miles better

  24. don't watch dijo:

    Wtf is this?????

  25. L B dijo:

    Man City agenda so clear ??‍♂️

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