MOTD Man City Won The Premier League Over Liverpool ? Ian Wright Reaction HD

MOTD Man City Won The Premier League Over Liverpool ? Ian Wright Reaction HD
Premier League

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43 respuestas a MOTD Man City Won The Premier League Over Liverpool ? Ian Wright Reaction HD

  1. Richmond dijo:

    Congratulations to Man City! You deserve this glory. From Man United fan

  2. Michael Thorne dijo:

    I was miserable when Aston Villa scored their second goal. Gundogan and Rodri are our Heroes. Couldn't have won without those assists too. Sterling, Zinchenko & KDB17. Liverpool make us a better team. English league is truly the toughest league in the world and most entertaining league, wish best of luck to Liverpool. Hope they win champions league. Prove English teams are the best teams out if all leagues in this Era.

  3. ben gotti dijo:

    Liverpool fans here celebrating moral victory. What is this? U7 tournament? Where you are rewarded for just showing up lol. I

  4. Don da mon dijo:

    Henderson really thinks he’s important lol

  5. Pableaux WR dijo:

    Now take your Premier League wins and we'll see you in the Big League.

  6. MrEazyrasta dijo:

    City fans no class

  7. Floyd Theboy dijo:

    Well done city. It hurts more than the last time we went to the last day this season.. But I know city fans are feeling the same frustration in the champions league. Both teams are phenomenal in every way. I just hope they can go again.. Must be mentally draining for the players and managers.. It's certainly is as a fan

  8. George B dijo:

    Klopp is crying man lol

  9. aid gan dijo:

    Ming's blunder against Liverpool and man city

  10. cecil filbert dijo:

    Klopp's grimace is priceless!

  11. Jean Claude Collin dijo:

    Salutations jurgen klopp apreciate you so much when you was at Dortmund ??❤️??

  12. Matt Withey dijo:

    Second place “mentality monsters”

  13. Stephen dijo:

    Klopp is the only thing I like about Liverpool. Otherwise – fuck them! Talking about the quadruple before they had even won the league (and also completely dismissing RM as well)

  14. Dermot Spollen dijo:

    At 2-0 up and only 15 mins left no way could I see city scoring 3. I thought villa sit back and might caught them on the break. This is third time city have beaten us to the title by 1 point. Well done to the citizens great team. Two great teams can only be one winner. Unlucky reds

  15. G Shahi dijo:

    Look if Liverpool win CL its a trebble can not complain…MU won most PL under 90 points City Liverpool numbers are incredible the standards you could win 30 games out off 38 and fail to win PL

  16. S F dijo:

    Shocking behaviour from the classless City fans! Brain dead thugs! Smashing up their own pitch and assaulting players! Disgrace! YNWA

  17. Suhail Jamil dijo:

    Watching MOTD and the Liverpool and Man City matches back to back. Can't help notice how the Etihad is brighter and much bigger with 3 tiers than ancient smaller 1 tier Anfield. Liverpool really need a new stadium.

  18. Craig ynway96 dijo:

    Gerrard taking coutinho of at 2-0 was a massive change in the game. Well played to man city though I thought they where gonna lose and Liverpool where gonna end up drawing with wolves at one point.

  19. Nathan Yabo dijo:

    Massive respect to Klopp and this liverpool team.. If not because of their Tenacity, it would have been just a 1 horse race. Welldone LFC

  20. Douglas Taggart dijo:

    All we need know is real Madrid to beat them it's not liverpool fc i can't stand it's the fans .

  21. Carl Whitby dijo:

    ??‍♂️??2nd is a great run really was?

  22. The last Cliffhanger dijo:

    Pep was cowering out and sulking after coutinho goal. If it wasn’t for his players he would’ve been crying still.

  23. omar geoffrey dijo:

    Just like everyone backed us city to win the title, now we re backing liverpool to win the UCL.
    Come on liverpool you got this……?

  24. imie vanie delf dijo:


  25. Haren Yong dijo:

    No one cares about 2nd place in premier league. Shows that the best team won!

  26. King Hussle dijo:

    Liverpool the media team

  27. King Hussle dijo:

    Lol ?

  28. Biodun Savage dijo:

    Exactly the same atmosphere in Madrid, Villa switched off Exactly the same way City switched off and the equalizers and winning goals came similarly. This time it's City's night. We lost the title when we gave away 2goals lead to Brighton and Chelsea and i toldmy kids who are Arsenal fans that this could come back to haunt Liverpool and now it happened. As old as i am i wept uncontrollably, not only because we lost the title but because we lost those 2 games that would have given us the title without all the rollercoaster, without all the hoolaballoo. More painful that Gerrard couldn't finish what he started for us and slipped again but kudos to him he did his best. We'll hope to get the Champions League even if it's going to take our blood. Let's go Reds YNWA

  29. Steven Mitchell dijo:


  30. Michael Emonds dijo:

    When will we hear the verdict of the three year investigation into Man City and FFP?

  31. Blue Cheese dijo:

    You are the special one Gundo !

  32. matthew jennings dijo:

    Just glad I didn't more false laughing from Henderson 9n camera. What a relief

  33. Jo Fresh dijo:

    Fans assaulting players is so wrong the League need to look into it seriously,these silly fans can coat points deductions for theirs teams

  34. Jo Fresh dijo:

    Villa let in 3 goals in 5mins very suspect to me.same thing happend 10 years ago against qpr what are the chances

  35. Michael thapa dijo:

    This is why EPL is the Best of Best ???

  36. mikewhoelse dijo:

    The best team in the country is getting Haaland next year. Be crying scousers again ?

  37. Dave KikA dijo:


  38. Dave KikA dijo:

    Congratulations man city , yes klop is hurt deep down a once in a life time opportunity for the quadruple has gone from him…..

  39. John Alcorn dijo:

    Two terrific teams going into last game.Villa had this won,but you can’t sit back with this City team they play to the end.Well done!

  40. Virgil Blaze dijo:

    Forget the title race, Leeds stayed up and that was the success story of the day

  41. BLAQ HEART the hustle continua dijo:

    Pep and Klopp took the EPL to another level?❤️

  42. Lamre Chane dijo:

    Wright is so baised, for city is all about money, pathetic.

  43. STUART Simister dijo:

    Champions doing what Champions do.

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