Liverpool Fc – Road To Premier League 2021/22 ?

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Camisetas ESPAÑA Última hora del FC Barcelona. Actualidad, fichajes, calendario, entradas, resultados, clasificaciones, resúmenes, LaLiga, la Copa, la Champions League.

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38 respuestas a Liverpool Fc – Road To Premier League 2021/22 ?

  1. Shirlene Thomas dijo:

    Liverpool fc

  2. Seydou Wane dijo:

    Sadio mane

  3. BathingApe dijo:

    Crazy to think that we had the league on two different occasions. Welp, this is how it goes, an early season game can definitely haunt you later down the road. Liverpool needs to finish certain game and we can easily win win win

  4. Goo Tube dijo:


  5. Shakeel Ahmed dijo:

    To many small mistakes at the back and not killing big teams of cost us the prem

  6. yonny dijo:

    Since Diaz arrived, Jota has been playing on the wing rather than the middle, which is not good for him

  7. William Beck dijo:

    Don't forget to pray this Sunday for the 39 juventus fans your thugs murdered at heysel in 1985

  8. Liveable dijo:

    Why does it say Philip fod3n

  9. pedro enrrique morales vera dijo:

    Creo que perdimos la premier por 2-2 contra albion, 3-3 contra brenfort, 2-2 contra chelsea. todos estos partidos ibamos ganando, igual orgulloso de ser hincha del LIVERPOOL. Saludos

  10. wilsane dijo:

    Appreciate your work but as a fellow Red, please refrain from showing any pathetic Martin Tyler commentary. That man couldn’t make a funeral weep.

  11. Tatenda Chifadza dijo:

    Something has to be done for Diogo Jota for the whole season he is the one come up with the break through of scoring for Liverpool in almost each and every game.

  12. chuckpsych dijo:

    What a season but men what happened to jota…from amazing to invicible…

  13. DRANGOVSKI dijo:

    Very good season, but they had a lot of draws….

  14. fhfhdbdj dijo:

    Hurts seeing all these draws and the couple losses back. But still so proud of the boys this season. What a team!

  15. m a dijo:


  16. Serigne modou Ndiaye dijo:

    Mané ballon d'or ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. ليبرالي مصري dijo:

    Mo Salah third time Golden Boot What a brilliant Scorer & Playmaker

  18. Basmala El-Gemizy dijo:

    I love the Reds..At the beginning I was a cheerleader for a player, but now I love the team ?

  19. Mohamed Hany dijo:

    I remember the beginning of season when Salah and Jote were unstoppable

  20. SoundWaves dijo:

    Coutinho needs a statue after he scored that goal

  21. JC ANYIAM dijo:

    It's such a SHAME- Liverpool could easily have RAN AWAY with the PL- We LOST MANY POINTS from WINNING positions- Such as Man City at HOME, Brighton at HOME, Chelsea- away, Spurs- away. Brentford- away. We SHOULD have scored the OPENING GOAL against Leicester City!
    We could only DRAW against The Top 3 Clubs- ONE win against ANY of the Top 3 Clubs- We would have been PL Champions!!!

  22. ᴊᴇʀʀʏ dijo:

    Excellent season for everyone ?. We gradually improved in certain areas and for just a moment had hope we could win it. For me thats enough to satisfy my when just a few months back we were 14 points away. We did the unthinkable and still have more to compete for while our opponents are sitting in vacation eliminated

  23. الأمل والسلام dijo:

    الفريق الأول بالعالم

  24. Torres Garzón Jonathan Arley dijo:

    lo que me sorprende es que quedáramos segundos

  25. Ghost veiwer? dijo:

    What this side achieved this season is beyond measure? 64 games breathing out fire like a dragon??
    So proud YNWA?❤️?

  26. Atilla SARAYOĞLU dijo:

    Very good.Very good.Very good ?

  27. Lam Bo Xian dijo:

    Top 2 is not an achievement when we lost out on the title by 1 point. Pain.

  28. Moha mahmoud dijo:

    Salah ???

  29. Ciypher Cyborg dijo:

    I don’t think the video should be called “road to top 2” it should be something like “the journey of an amazing season”

  30. Cade Yaaska dijo:

    400k subscribers congratulation bloody?❤

  31. Xx_ELKING MOURAD_xX dijo:


  32. y.o dijo:

    Mo salah mo salah running down the wing?????

  33. Siderzside dijo:

    The title "Top 2" alone hurts me I pray we beat Madrid

  34. Flash.7 dijo:

    Well done Reds! One of the best seasons we've ever seen. Beating Man Utd 9-0 over two games couldn't have been better. Unfortunate to come runners up by one point, but just like 2018/19 season we'll get em next season!! But as for now COYR in the ucl! Make it 7! YNWA

  35. Zach Attack dijo:

    Fantastic video!!!! Loving these vids!

  36. Drift kai dijo:

    Awesome vid keep up the good work!

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