• vie. Oct 15th, 2021

It’s my FAVOURITE time of the year! The 21/22 Football season is FAST approaching which means every single professional football team has released their NEW kits for the 21/22 season. This has made me produce my *personal* top 10 shirt releases so far! Enjoy!

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47 comentarios en «The Top 10 BEST New 21/22 Football Kits!»
  1. RIGHT so I AM AWARE that they went and ruined the Inter shirt with that god awful sponsor.

    HOWEVER, it did release sponsorless for a solid few weeks so I still class it as a release and you can still now pick it up sponsorless from a few places too! 🤝

  2. I'm sorry that rangers shirt is terrible, it's not gold details I've seen it in person and it's more yellow, and it peels off and I hope they've fixed that now because no fan base deserves low quality shirts (btw yes I'm a Celtic fan but our shirt didn't deserve anywhere near the top 10 either lmao)

  3. The Atletico jersey has a strong smelly scent! The manager at the airport store mentioned they are required to run it thru a chicken coop in honor of the clubs mascot.

    I then saw a beautiful white and gold jersey by Adidas that has 5 stars as a crest. Don’t know the name of the team, however, everyone gives me compliments down the streets of Birmingham! Great video Mate!

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