• dom. Dic 5th, 2021

Today, we ranked Every Away Kit for 2021/22 Champions League season! PSG, Barca, United, Liverpool, Bayern, Dortmund, Inter, Juve & more included. 20k likes would be iconic

Thanks For Watching! Let’s try and get 20,000 LIKES?!?! You guys are awesome 🙂
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50 comentarios en «Ranking Every 21/22 Champions League Away Kit»
  1. I'm from porto, and that inter Milan is pure 💩, it's garbage, I would be embarrassed to go outside wearing that hideous thing. All the others are more or less, I think the Barcelona one is shit also, just pure boring and ugly. The bvb one is striking but the logo does ruin it a bit.

  2. My Top Five

    1. Man City. Hate the team but that kit is special.
    2. Real Madrid. Beautiful kit but there’s some favorite team bias there.
    3. FC Porto. This kit is just beautiful.
    4. Dynamo Kyiv. I love the design with the colors.
    5. VfL Wolfsburg. I simply just love the color green paired with black.

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